08.00 - 08:30

233 Holborne Ave

Toronto,  M4C 2S2

TEL: 647-927-2462


A daily schedule gives children the stability and security they need early on in life. We strive to provide a stable framework but also leave plenty of room for spontaneous activities.                



    TIME                               ACTIVITY
04:30 - 05:00      Freeplay/Art & craft/outdoor activity/pick up time

In order to keep up with the general schedule and limit disruptions, we prefer that children are regularly dropped off prior to 10:30 am and picked up no early than 3:30. We discourage pickups and drop off between noon and 3 pm to limit disruptions to lunch and nap time.  We’ll always accommodate requests but look to limit them to special occasions as apposed to a regular routine.

08:00 - 09:00      Drop-off / free play /nap for babies
09:00 - 09:30      Wellness routine-children wash hands/preparing for
                           morning snack/Diapering routine
09:30 - 09:50      Morning Snack 
09:50 - 10:00     Transitionary time: snack to morning planned experience
10:00 - 11:30      Children explore nature through visit to the park, 
                           community walk,visit local library/community centre 
11:30 - 12:00      walk back/transition to wellness routine before lunch
12:00 - 12:30      Lunch Time 
12:30 - 01:00      Wellness routine/diapering,toileting 
01:00 - 03:00      Quiet time /Rest time
03:00 - 03:15      Transition from nap to afternoon wellness routine
03:15 - 03:45      Afternoon Snack 
03:45 - 04:30      Group experience(circle time/story time/group play)

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